Henk is a Bare Foot Hoof Technician

Henk is passionate about using natural and active products to ensure that his client’s horses are happy and healthy.

HV Hoof and Equine Health Care Products was created, to supply our clients with the hoof care products we love and use to treat common hoof problems. We carry a range of products from Kevin Bacon, Balance Equine, Keratex and more.

Henk started out selling hoof products, with trimming services. On our website you will find our most trusted hoof care products as well as a growing variety of equine health products such as minerals and first aid supplies.

We originally started out using these products on our six horses, but due to increasing demand for these products among our clients, we decided to set up a webstore so that you can use these amazing products on your own horses too.



For general inquiries or feedback, please get in touch with us.

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