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Balanced Equine Nutrition, Monosodium phosphate MSP

Balanced Equine Nutrition, Monosodium phosphate MSP



Monosodium phosphate (MSP) is a quality source of phosphorus for horses – human food grade – 22.5% phosphorus

An ideal way to supplement phosphorus without adding additional calcium. Especially useful for intakes that are already high in calcium. Very low iron, recommended by Dr Eleanor Kellon VMD.

2 sizes

Small: net weight = 2.9 kg
Large: net weight = 4.9 kg

10 grams will provide 2.25 grams phosphorus

Phosphorus along with calcium and magnesium are known as the major minerals. Copper, zinc, iron, manganese, selenium and iodine are trace minerals. In a horse’s nutrient intake, either phosphorus  can be at too low a level compared to the NRC (National Research Council) daily recommendations AND/OR the calcium to phosphorus ratio can be too high. Whichever one applies, the diet won’t be optimal.


There is no standard recommended feeding rate.

*Balanced Equine offers single ingredients like monosodium phosphate (MSP) for people who know what they need to supplement, either have received a Balanced Equine feeding plan with the custom mineral mix recipe that they can put together OR they may have done NRCPlus with Dr Kellon VMD and understand how to calculate what to supplement. Balanced Equine cannot advise the amount to supplement without data.*

The easiest and best way to know what your horse’s intake is deficient in, or what is excessive and out of balance, is to test what your horses eat – pasture or hay.

Monosodium phosphate is a nutritional supplement product for inclusion in horse’s feed. Product has no therapeutic effect and is designed to be administered in a feed for voluntary ingestion for horses.
Animal consumption only.

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