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Hira Steady Head Concentrate

Hira Steady Head Concentrate

This product has been formulated after extensive research on   some of the contributing factors that cause headshaking syndrome. We believe   that this condition requires a multi faceted approach to include modifying   the diet, pasture, training and the use of herbs and supplements.This   product consists of a range of anti-seratonic herbs, those that address heart   rate, blood flow near the nasal passages  and levels of stress hormones.Effectiveness of this product is   enhanced when given in conjunction with Equi-Anti-Al MAG.  and Omega Oil  Complex.


  • Dose  3ml -5 may be given daily to help reduce headshaking.
  • 200ml    $65.55
  • 500ml    $140.88  .
    PriceFrom $65.55
    GST Included
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