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Equine Skin & Coat

Equine Skin & Coat

From our family to yours – Fourflax Skin & Coat is a targeted blend of premium quality oils to bring out the best coat shine and support optimum skin health.


High levels of Omega 3 can help to stop itching and irritation caused by dry skin. Skin & Coat is an ideal supplement for horses with allergies and poor coat condition, to bring back their show ring shine. This wonderful oil blend provides Omega 3, 6 and 9 Essential Fatty Acids for healthy skin, coat, joints and heart.
Bring out your horse’s inner sparkle and let them shine!


100% natural cold-pressed flax seed oil, borage seed oil and black cumin seed oil. 


Daily Feeding Recommendation (1 tablespoon = 15ml): 
Ponies/horses <14hh - 30ml per day
Horses 14hh to 16hh - 40-60ml per day 
Horses >16hh - 60-70ml per day


Storage Guidelines:
Store in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight. Once opened, use within 3 months. 



Bring out their inner sparkle and let them shine!

Explore Condition, formulated with premium ingredients, sourced from nature's finest offerings, and embark on a journey to elevate your pet's radiance and vitality.



  • FAQs


    Can Fourflax supplements be used every day?

    Yes! Our supplements are wonderful to help with common concerns as alternatives to prescription medications...but so often prevention is better than cure, so we've formulated our range so that they can be incorporated into your pets diet every day, not only when there's a problem.

    How does Fourflax Skin & Coat Oil differ to Fourflax Omega 3 Oil?

    Think of our Skin & Coat blend as a little more targeted...this blend contains Flax Seed Oil (that is our Omega 3 oil), as well as 2 other fabulous oils, Black Cumin Seed and Borage Seed.

    These extra two oils provide even more support for the skin cells and help to produce a lustrous coat. This blend is ideal for pets with VERY dry, itchy skin, or those with allergies.

    Is Flax Seed Oil similar to Linseed Oil?

    Yes, both Flax Seed Oil and Linseed Oil come from the linseed seed, it is just a difference in terminology…. Linseed Oil is the name given to industrial grade oil (the kind you find in hardware stores to stain wood) and Flax Seed Oil is the term used for food grade oil.  Our oils meet food grade standards, hence it is termed Flax Seed Oil.

    What is unique about Fourflax Flax Seed Oil?

    The Canterbury Plains offers optimal growing conditions for high quality raw material. We are proud to be based in Mid-Canterbury at the arable heart of New Zealand. Our flax seed products are all cold-pressed in small batches using the highest quality seed grown for us by local contracted farmers in our region. All flax seed products we offer are traceable back to their origin, and produced to human food grade standards using no chemicals, solvents or heat in the extraction process.

    Can plant oils be digested by dogs?

    Yes they absolutely can… Dogs can digest and utilize the oils very well, in fact up to 20% of a dogs diet can be made up of fats/oils.

    What is the best way of feeding the supplements to my pets?

    We suggest you simply pour or sprinkle the supplement over their food. You'll find feeding recommendations next to each product, and these vary depending on the size of your pet. Continuity is the key, so make sure you feed Fourflax supplements every day, and keep them in a cool, dark place for ultimate freshness!

    How do I store Fourflax supplements?

    Our powders are best kept in a cool, dry and dark place. Once opened, it's important you keep the lid closed after each use, and remember to keep the silica gel sachet in the pot to absorb moisture.

    Our oils are best kept in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight and ensure that once opened, they're used within roughly 3 months.

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